As your friendly family homeopath
I work with you to ensure your family’s
health and wellbeing is taken care of

Eczema issues?

Is eczema driving you crazy and nothing seems to work? I have a special interest in treating eczema and it can often be improved or resolved by using homeopathy.

Chronic disease?

It is often possible to manage chronic disease in a more natural way, and to reduce conventional medicine. However, this will always be under medical supervision.

Child with autism?

I work with you in improving the function of children with autism, in a caring, patient and competent way based on extensive experience.

Finding gentle, natural solutions to chronic disease

I treat the whole family from babies, pregnant women to the elderly. I do have a special affinity with kids and find that they respond very well to homeopathy and other natural treatments.

If you are searching for a health partner who will ‘hold your hand’ and guide you through the process from frustrating chronic illness to the point where your problems are much less or gone, then you are at the right place.

Why my patients come to me

I have a passion for helping people of all backgrounds with the typical ailments and chronic disease that conventional medicine often don’t address.


I am approachable and non-judgemental.


I meet clients where they are at, whether they are on lots of conventional medicine, smoking etc. or whether they are already leading a very healthy life.


I have empathy to the emotional needs of my patients and am a really good listener.


I am a problem solver, finding a unique solution for each client.


17 years of experience as a homeopath and always studying further to enhance my knowledge.


Tailor made solutions that fit the needs of my patients.


I am available to my patients on WhatsApp/email/phone for questions and support in between consultations.


A wide range of supplements, herbs and remedies available.


My treatments don’t do any harm to the body.


Special interest and knack with kids.


Specialised training in autism.

Dr Janine is truly wonderful. She took the time to hear my whole medical history and then went into all the symptoms I was experiencing. For the first time in almost 20 years of being treated for Hashimoto’s I felt heard.

We have been working on treatments not only for my thyroid but also for the side effects that I was experiencing. I actually feel human again!

Dr Janine keeps up to date with new advances and keeps me informed of them. Words cannot express the thanks I feel to have a doctor that cares about me holistically. I would highly recommend her.

– Lara

YES - Homeopathic treatment can help you too!

Help is at hand if you are struggling with a health condition, ailment or just want to use nature's own medicine to improve your wellbeing.