About Me

Your health and your family’s
wellbeing is my foremost passion
and the reason I’m here

Passion and Commitment

As a teenager there was a homeopath who really helped me with my acne problem and that is where my love for homeopathy started.

After school I studied homeopathy through the University of Johannesburg and became a qualified homeopath in 2005 and never looked back.

I worked for a very successful homeopath for a number of years whilst studying and then went on to work for several of the big suppliers such as Natura, Solal, Coyne Health Care and Medford. I did a postgraduate in Homeopathy through the UK as well, as I am always studying and trying to improve my knowledge and skills.

We lived in New Zealand for a while, where the natural medicine industry is thriving. I worked in a very busy herbal dispensary where I fell in love with the power of herbs.

Since returning to South Africa, I have been doing a post-grad in herbal medicine as well as furthering my knowledge on autism by doing a series of specialised courses.


I build a personal relationship with my patients and offer them as much support as needed in the process of getting healthy.


I have a special interest in autism and have developed a skillset in treating and engaging with patients suffering from this condition.


I have a knack with kids and helping children to be in a state of optimal health without intrusive and scary procedures.


I combine homeopathy, herbal medicine, reflexology, supplements and lifestyle advice in a holistic approach to optimal health.

YES - Homeopathic treatment can help you too!

Help is at hand if you are struggling with a health condition, ailment or just want to use nature's own medicine to improve your wellbeing.